More domainers prefer to go for ICANN meetings


There are only two big domainer conferences this year, but domainers still find opportunities to get together.

Two years ago you could have gone to a domain name conference every other month.

This year there are just two big domain conferences: DOMAINfest (which already took place) and the upcoming TRAFFIC conference in Fort Lauderdale.

Here at HostingCon I’ve had conversations with several people about this sudden lack of opportunities to get together.

But is that really the case?

One person pointed out that there are a lot more domainers attending ICANN meetings. My initial thought is this is because domainers are applying for new top level domains. But that same person pointed out something else: ICANN meetings are free.

It’s a good point. ICANN meetings are not only free, but more money goes into producing them than any domainer conference. (Thanks to domain investors’ fees paid to ICANN, of course.)

It doesn’t hurt that ICANN meetings are often held in some pretty cool locales.

Still, ICANN meetings are not domainer meetings. Domainers are outnumbered by policy wonks, attorneys, bureaucrats and Donut-eaters.

There are also events like HostingCon which attract many businesses in the domain investing industry (although not many individual domainers).

Next year TRAFFIC will add a second show in Las Vegas. I think this will bring us up to a reasonable number of domainer conferences spread throughout the year (assuming DOMAINfest goes through with its show again).

What do you think?

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Internet hits 233 million domain names[pics inside]

Second level domain space continues to grow.

Verisign released and announced its latest quarterly domain name report at an odd time this quarter — 4 pm on a Friday.

That’s usually the time you release bad news you don’t want people to hear about, so it’s kind of odd for a marketing piece.


Total Domain Name Registrations

total domain name

New Registration Growth

new registration

So here’s my Monday morning coverage of highlights:

– Q1 closed with 233 second level domain registrations, and increase of 7.5 million over the previous quarter.

– Some of the 7.5 million additional were just counted for the first time: IDN ccTLDs launched through Verisign’s “Fast Track” program. At the end of the quarter there were 808,967.

– ccTLD registrations hit 94.9 million domains. There was no change atop the leaderboard. The most registered is .de, followed by .uk and .tk.

Top 10 ccTLD Rank

top 10 ccTLD

Here’s a link to the report (pdf).

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Registration and Service Announcement of .中国(.China)

In July, 2010, “.中国”(.China)was officially accepted and added into the root zonefile as the Chinese character TLD and achieved the overall visits to the Internet. During the development process of the past two years, “.中国”(.China)has been recognized and acknowledged by extensive users. “.中国”(.China)was gradually improved in the aspects of registration service system and technological system. As an standalone TLD, “.中国”(.China)has possessed the registration and service prerequisites and capability. To promote the smooth development of “.中国”(.China)so as to meet the requirements of China’s Internet development, we made the announcement of registration and service of “.中国”(.China)as follows:


I. From 29th October, 2012, “中文.CN” (“”) and “中文.中国” (“Chinese. China” ) will be respectively implemented the standalone registration and service.
II. From 29th October, 2012, users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with the Chinese characters, English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen for “.中国”(.China)domain name with the naming rules of “.CN” and other TLDs as the references. In order to protect the interests of relevant registrants, we will further notify the registration process with the naming rules as simply using or combining with the English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen.


“.中国” is the Chinese character TLD representing of China on the global Internet. We welcome all potential customers to register “.中国”(.China)on their own wish. If you have any comments and suggestions about registration and application of “.中国”(.China), please contact our accredited registrars or CNNIC as following:

Tel: 010-58813000 (7*24)
Fax: 010-58812666


China Internet Network Information Center
28th May, 2012

.CN domain First Time open to Individual registrant

Below please find the latest report about dot CN domain registration from “CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration“:

To meet the application requirements of national domain name of China by the public and further regulate the registration service and management of domain name, CNNIC recently revised the CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration (Implementing rules) since we made the sufficient preparation work on verification of registration information, privacy protection of registrants’ information, registrar management and rights protection about national domain name of China, and meanwhile reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for the record. With the approval from MIIT, we accordingly announce the enforcement of the revised implementing rules from 00:00 of 29th May, 2012 (GMT +8) and corresponding denunciation of original version of the implementing Rules implemented since 5th June, 2009.


The revisions focus on the eligible applicants defined in Article 14 of original version of the Implementing rules, elaboration of privacy protection of domain name registration information through specific articles, and an improvement on the domain name registration, transfer and renewal processes. Revision details are as following:

I. Supplement of the eligible applicants. It is revised to be as “any individual or organization that can bear independently civil liabilities, has the right to apply for the domain registration under the implementing rules”, i.e., individuals are newly involved into the domain name applicant scope.


II. Privacy protection of domain name registration information. The revision stresses the privacy protection of registrants’ information by explicit provisions of the transmission, storage and destruction of registration files and disposal issues in the case of registrar’s withdrawal from CNNIC.
III. Renewal confirmation period issue of domain name. The implementing rules regulate that “expiration of domain name follows the renewal confirmation period spontaneously. Registrants confirm whether to renew in the period. Registrars have the authority to cancel the domain name if registrants confirm not to renew in written forms; if registrants fail to express whether or not to renew within 30 days, registrars have the authority to cancel the domain name in 30 days”.


Upholding the principle of “customer first”, we will give priority to the sufficient protection of all organizational and individual registrants for their legal registration and application rights and interests of domain name in compliant with China Internet Domain Name Regulations and the implementing rules. We welcome and appreciate your supervision. If you have any questions about registration and application of “.CN” and “.中国”, please contact us by:

Tel: 010-58813000 (7*24 basis)
Fax: 010-58812666
China Internet Network Information Center
28th May, 2012

PETA goes .XXX

PETA – the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – is going the triple X way.

By launching, the often controversial organization is attempting to create an outlet for its often shocking ads that promote the protection of animals.

Ads by PETA often contain nudity and thus the .XXX realm is perfect for this.


The web site went live today with a statement:

PETA’s mission is to put an end to animal suffering, and we use every available opportunity to spread this message we always have, and we always will. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. Unlike our opposition, which is mostly made up of wealthy industries and corporations, PETA must rely on getting free “advertising” through media coverage.
It’s a safe bet that many visitors to didn’t set out to learn about how animals are mercilessly slaughtered on today’s factory farms; understandably, such topics are convenient to ignore. That’s why PETA must make our message impossible to forget—and launching a website with a .xxx domain name is one way that we can achieve that goal.”
Ron Jeremy, the legendary porn star known as “the hedgehog“, is a spokesperson for animal rights and PETA uses his status to promote its cause. thus makes an interesting combination of adult content and “good cause”; a definite win for the ICM Registry – managers of .XXX.


Register .XXX Domain Name with IISP.HK now!


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ICANN may let new TLD applicants modify their applications

Plan may allow new TLD applicants to fix errors.


ICANN is considering allowing applicants for new top level domains to make changes to their applications, the organization confirmed to Domain Name Wire today.


The group is working on a process that could allow applicants to fix errors in their final applications. Officially:

“ICANN has received requests for changes to submitted applications. We take these requests very seriously and are working on developing guidelines for these changes.”

The ICANN community spent a lot of time coming up with applicant guidelines, but one it didn’t think to include was a mechanism for fixing errors in applications.


After all, you’d assume someone wiring $185,000 along with an application wouldn’t misspell the word logistics. But that’s what Kerry Trading Company did in its application for .kerrylogistics. Although the bulk of the application spells logistics correctly, the string field says .kerrylogisitics.


I suspect any guidelines for changes will debated by the community. Fixing .kerrylogisitics probably won’t concern any other applicants. But other changes might be more controversial. .dotAfrica comes to mind, since there’s already a fight between the two applicants concerning their legitimacy.


We might also see VeriSign ask to alter some of the IDNs it submitted. More on that later.

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Honey, I screwed up on my $185,000 new TLD application

Several new top level domain applicants make errors in their applications — including a misspelling of the word “logistics”.
I’ve found three instances of typo’s or errors in new top level domain applicants’ strings. I’ve reached out to ICANN to find out if the applicants will be afforded an opportunity to fix these errors as I can’t find anything in the guidebook about it. Logic would say yes in the case of an uncontested string.
One obvious typo comes courtesy of Kerry Trading Company. One of the six strings it applied for was .KerryLogisitics. Notice the extra ‘i’ in what is supposed to be .KerryLogistics.
The company also applied for .kerryhotels and .kerryproperties. I’m surprised by the lack of application for simply .kerry, unless they expected objections.
There’s also an application for .dotafrica, while the application suggests the goal was to apply for .africa. (And I sure hope that was the intention.) That one could be interesting because there’s already lots of bad blood between the two applicants for the string.
Finally, at least two internationalized domain name followers have been informed they believe there’s an error in VeriSign’s application for the Hebrew transliteration of .com. VeriSign has not responded to requests for comment on the matter other than to say it’s looking in to it.
I’ve reached out to ICANN about provisions for fixing typos in strings and will update this story when I hear more. Have you noticed any other string typos?

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